Crayfish Party

What better way to bring friends a family together and keep your kids interested in fish dishes than to try some delicious crayfish!


Although crayfish can be imported year round, in Sweden the tradition is celebrated throughout August. This is because in the past restrictions were placed on crayfish fishing to protect our little red friends. But the Swedes had a craving for crayfish, and so, when fishing season began in August a delicious tradition was born! Parties started popping up with crayfish the food of choice.

Party food

It goes without saying that the most important ingredient is crayfish! Simply boil with dill, sugar and salt and then, serve cold in a big bowl decorated with extra dill. Or, like most Swedes you can buy and simply defrost a Crayfish pack from Ikea or online from our friends at Scandinavian Kitchen or Ocado ( or Västerbotten cheese and crispbreads will add an extra touch of Sweden and set the party mood.

Crayfish parties are a messy affair so put on your bibs, use your hands and let the slurping begin!

PO.P Tip: A nutcracker is a fantastic tool for breaking the claws and tail.

Traditional Crayfish Party

Traditionally held outdoors on a summer evening. You’ll need some bibs (preferably crayfish themed), funny conical hats, and some coloured paper lanterns. You can buy all of these at Ikea or online too. A man in the moon lantern will get you extra points! Decorate your table with colourful tablecloths and place down some water and lemon bowls, it’s going to be grubby fun!

PO.P Tip: Have a couple of buckets handy for the mountain of waste shells, and use a paper table cloth.

Just Grown Ups?

Then singing and snaps is usually the order of the day. You can find a selection of songs here -


Why not make your own party Crayfish hat?!

What You'll need:

  • Paper
  • Card stock
  • Glue
  • Pens
  • Elastic
  1. Print and cut out a cone template
  2. Trace the pattern onto card or scrapbook paper, then cut out the shape
  3. Get creative and decorate one side!
  4. Roll into a cone shape and glue the flap to seal in place
  5. Punch two small holes on opposite sides of the cone bottom and thread elastic through.
  6. Knot the elastic at both ends for a hat that stays on all night!