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Our philosophy - Polarn O. PyretOUR PHILOSOPHY

"We strive to make the best children’s clothes in the world!"

Our concept has not changed since our first striped T-shirt: children need clothes they can play in. Clothes that let children be children.

For Polarn O. Pyret, this means good-looking clothes that make life easier. Clothes that can withstand wear and tear and are handed down from brother to sister. Contemporary classics, loved favourites and the greatest stripe in the world. What’s best for children is where we begin. It’s our philosophy, defines how we work and the decisions Polarn O. Pyret makes. When we start with what’s best for children, environmental and social responsibilities fall into place. What’s best for children is usually good for adults too.

From humble beginnings in Stockholm in 1976 with striped jersey and a desire to make better clothes for children, we are now a company with over 100 stores across the world. As it turns out, Swedish children and parents are not the only ones who appreciate our quality, design and function.

We are now looking forward to entering new markets. And taking our ambition to make the best children’s clothes in the world with us.

Polarn O. Pyret makes clothing for children. It may seem obvious, but our belief that both boys and girls need good fit and function makes us unique. We aim to make the world’s best shell jacket, knee sock, t-shirt and sun hat. Who wears what – and what colours – is up to you. But both boys and girls need good looking clothes that are strong and versatile. That’s what unisex means to us.

Making our production better for the environment is a natural ambition, and our range of organic clothing grows every year. Look for our ECO label if you want to buy organic clothing.

Polarn O. Pyret has been making children’s clothing for forty years. We’ve had time to learn what works and what doesn’t. Every detail on our garments – from t-shirts to outerwear – has been tried and tested.

Every garment has been specifically designed with children in mind. We don’t compromise on quality, design or function. That’s what makes the difference.

There’s something special about the world’s smallest socks. Maybe it’s because they usually sit on the world’s smallest feet.

Our youngest customers are hardest to please. They put all of our knowledge to the test. If our clothes don’t suit, they will let us know. That’s why our baby clothes are so soft, smart and washable. Tested by thousands of mini product developers.

When should my child wear a hat? How warm is this jacket? Can these pants handle sliding on ice? Our customers have lots of good questions. And we love giving good answers – we could go on forever about children’s clothing and the weather. But if we could say just one thing, this is it: layers. Layers are the best way to dress children.

Children feel the cold differently. Some are constantly moving while others sit still. Finding clothes that work in both rain and freezing weather is not easy. Dressing in layers lets you add or remove clothes as the weather changes. No matter what type of child.
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