Beach fun

Here are some great summer activities for times at the beach. If you are planning to party with family and friends, these ideas are a fantastic way to get everyone involved. They are not only easy, but very useful to make your beach experience memorable for both kids and adults.

  • Collect beach treasures. A lot can be done with the pretty rocks, shells and other fun stuff that floats up to shore. Build cities, decorate a sand castle or just save everything in a pretty jar.
  • Make a drip castle with sand. Allow the sand to drip between your hands to make playful creations at the edge of the beach. Decorate your creation with shells, sticks and seaweed.
  • Fly a kite. When it is fairly windy, have a competition to see who can fly his or her kite the highest. The winner can get a fun prize.
  • Throw a ball or Frisbee and play catch.
  • Play tic-tack-toe. Draw a grid in the sand and get started.
  • Draw a line in the sand and see who can jump the furthest.
  • Dig the deepest hole in the sand in a certain amount of time, for example five minutes.
  • Treasure hunt. Take turns hiding something on the beach. Make clues or draw a treasure map – the treasure is under something that starts with a "B", the treasure is 10 steps straight ahead and then 10 steps to the left, the treasure is in the shade...
  • Beach sand portrait. Lie down in the sand and have someone trace your outline in the sand. Carefully climb out of the outline and then decorate it with the things you found on the beach. Is it a mermaid? Is it a sand angel? The king or queen of the beach? Or a sand pirate?