• Made from sustainably produced organic cotton
  • Easy wearability
  • Superior quality stitching
  • Re-inforced knees
  • Inverted rivets on the back of selected styles to prevent damage to furniture, floors & walls!
  • Eco friendly leather-effect logo
  • Free from toxins

All jeans are unique

Fun fact: no two pairs of jeans are exactly alike. Each pair of jeans has a unique colour finish, as the dye coats the yarns of the fabric differently. And jeans are given wear effects by being rubbed with sandpaper by hand.

Washing jeans

If you take good care of your jeans, they’ll be a go-to wardrobe favourite for a long time, and they’ll look better and feel softer over time.

Dye may run

Jeans are coloured with indigo, a dye that runs and fades over time. This applies to dark denim especially, but also to light denim. So be careful when coming into contact with light-coloured clothes and upholstery, as the dye from jeans can rub off on them.

Free from Toxins

Did you know most jeans contain chemicals that may be harmful to the wearer and are extremely damaging to the environment? Well, not Polarn O. Pyret jeans!

It might not be something you have ever considered but it is certainly worth knowing that the jeans you buy from PO.P are chemical free, meaning there are no hazards to health when they are washed and worn. Also, the manufacturing process we use is a lot kinder to the environment.