The PO.P guide to dressing your newborn baby from summer to winter, night to day...

Dressing a newborn baby - especially when it’s particularly sunny or cold - can feel a bit overwhelming if you’re a new parent. The purpose of this newborn clothing guide is to offer tips and recommendations on what your baby should be wearing across the seasons, including how to dress them for bed and what clothing essentials you’ll need to buy.


How to dress your newborn in summer

Newborn babies have a harder time regulating body temperature than adults. That’s why it's important to make sure that your baby isn’t exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold, and you adapt their clothing to the temperature. In summer, it’s good to dress babies in several thin layers. Dress your baby as warmly as you think best and then, if needed, you can remove a layer.


How to tell if your newborn is too warm

 If your newborn is too warmly dressed, the chest and the back of their neck will feel warm and sweaty, which means it’s time to take something off.

What clothes to dress your newborn in on a summer’s day

  • A long-sleeved cotton top and long cotton trousers.
  • Extra bodysuit if needed.
  • Cotton socks.
  • Thin cap or sunhat.
  • Cardigan to put on if needed.
  • Blankets of various thicknesses, to put on and take off as the temperature changes.


Summer Outfit Ideas for Newborns


 How to dress your newborn in winter

 Dressing your newborn infant for cold weather is all about layering up and protecting their heads, fingers and toes. However, if it’s very cold and windy out, it’s best to stay inside with a newborn baby. Wind combined with freezing temperatures makes it even colder, and a windy winter day can be much colder than what it says on the thermometer.


What clothes to dress your newborn in on a chilly winter’s day

  • Layer closest to the body – bodysuit and long underwear, preferably wool.
  • Middle layer – fleece or wool trousers and top or overall so there won’t be any gaps.
  • Outer layer – overall in windproof material.
  • Head – “helmet-style” wool cap is enough if the baby is in a sleeping bag or thick overall.
  • Feet – wool socks, fleece slippers or booties in outer layer material.
  • Hands – hands are usually down in the sleeping bag. If it’s really cold, mittens may be needed. Polarn O. Pyret’s overalls have folding cuffs at sleeves and legs for little hands and feet.
  • Buggy – sleeping bag or combined overall/sleeping bag that works both in the buggy and in the car seat. Two zips make it easy to dress and undress the baby in the buggy

How to tell if your newborn is too cold

The most important thing is to protect your newborn's head from sunlight with a baby sunhat, preferably a wide brimmed summer hat that will cover the forehead and also stop their little ears from getting caught by the sun. Our new range of sunhats for babies include special UV sunhats guaranteed to protect delicate skin from the sun, and hats with useful ties under the chin to stop them being pulled off.


winter Outfit Ideas for Newborns

How to dress a baby for sleep

When it comes to dressing your newborn for bed, the two key rules are simple and soft. Don’t overburden them with lots of layers unless it’s chilly, and make sure the fabrics they sleep in are breathable and non-irritating.


What clothes to dress your newborn in for bed

 Prioritise baby nightwear that has nothing hard and uncomfortable between baby and bed, for example clothes that have press studs or buttons at the side rather than the back. Your newborn’s sleep suits should also have extra soft inner seams, where the fabric overlaps and sits flat so there’s no irritation on your baby’s skin.

Last but not least, look for newborn pyjama fabrics that are suitable for washing at 60 degrees, helping you to tackle the spills and thrills of those unavoidable night changes.

How to dress a baby for sleep in the summer

Summer-time pyjamas for newborns need to allow flexibility and breathability. Short-sleeved sleep suits, thin fabric rompers or even a lightweight organic cotton tee will provide the perfect freeing nighttime layers when snuggled under their blanket.

How to dress a baby for sleep in the winter

When nights get colder, your newborn’s bedtime routine is all about adding insulation but without bulk. Closed-cuff leggings or tops, as well as long-sleeved babygrows are excellent pyjamas for your winter baby. Soft organic cotton fabrics will help baby to retain body heat without making them feel hot and sticky in their layers. It is not usually advisable for babies to wear gloves or socks to sleep overnight.

Sleepwear for newborn babies


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