How to dress your children in summer with outfit inspiration from beach to bedtime

We’ve put together this handy guide on how to keep kids looking and feeling cool this summer. At PO.P you will find best kids summer clothes, with high quality organic cotton and design features that make life easier for busy parents! This guide will provide you with the best summer outfit recommendations for children of all ages and for every occasion, including kids holiday clothes, everyday wear and nightwear.  

1. How to dress a baby in summer...


Newborn babies are not able to regulate their body temperature in the same way as adults. Therefore, you should avoid exposing your baby to very hot or very cold weather and babies under 12 months should always be kept out of direct sunlight. However, on the occasions when your baby is in the sunshine, our specially designed summer baby clothes are here to help...


Tip 1)  A lightweight summer hat

The most important thing is to protect your newborn's head from sunlight with a baby sunhat, preferably a wide brimmed summer hat that will cover the forehead and also stop their little ears from getting caught by the sun. Our new range of sunhats for babies include special UV sunhats guaranteed to protect delicate skin from the sun, and hats with useful ties under the chin to stop them being pulled off!

Tip 2) Thin layered clothing

Dress your baby in loose-fitting lightweight cotton layers for example a short sleeved babygrow and a cotton cardigan. We recommend natural fibres like cotton because it absorbs sweat better than synthetic fibres. If your baby’s chest and neck feel sweaty, they are too warm, and it will be time to remove a garment. Our new range of summer baby clothes is made from 100% organic cotton which is softer on their delicate skin..

Tip 3) Cotton socks

Babies under 12months aren’t walking yet and are likely to be in a pushchair when outside, so don’t forget to cover their feet! It may be too hot for a blanket but a pair of lightweight cotton baby socks will help stop those little toes from burning.

2. How to dress toddlers in summer


Whether it’s a trip to a beautiful shorefront or a venture into the woods, all of our quality toddler summer clothes will handle the rough and tumble of active kids. Dressing your toddler practically for the warm weather is a top priority. Our summer clothing ideas for adventurous tots are as follows...


Tip 1) Prioritise light colours

Dress your toddler in light coloured clothing, as dark clothing absorbs heat, the darker the colour the more heat, meaning that the darker the colour the warmer your little one will get. is absorbed. Our new summer t-shirts are designed with this in mind with beautiful pastel colours that will absorb less heat.

Tip 2) Leggings aren't just for Winter!

Leggings are a great addition to a kids summer outfit. They help protect little legs from damaging UV sunrays and also protect knees from those wild games toddlers play in the summertime. Look out for leggings with adjustable waists that will grow with your little one. Ideal for wearing with summer dresses when the weather becomes cooler at night, or with mix and match tops for a multitude of playful looks.

Tip 3) Look for high quality materials

Choose a tight weave with your toddler's summer clothing to help block out as many of the sun's rays as possible. If you can see through the material while placing your hand into the pocket the garment is not providing enough sun protection for your toddler.

3. How to dress kids and tweens in the summer

Tweens are too young to make every clothing decision themselves but old enough to know what they want which makes this age range hard to dress. It's all about letting their personality soar but at the same time making sure the kids’ holiday clothes are practical too!

Tip 1) Let them express their personality with summery prints

Provide them with different options to choose from and work together to find the perfect clothing that lets them express their personality. Our Scandinavian designers are always coming up with fun new prints and our summer range is ideal for mixing and matching to create anything from fun clashing outfits to more refined looks.

Tip 2) Durable Denim

Jeans are a real kids summer outfit essential especially for tweens and older kids. Look for denim that is free from toxins, has reinforced knees to help prevent wear and tear, and also has safe “inverted” rivets on the rear pockets to help prevent scratches on your floors and furniture! You’ll find all of those and more at PO.P of course…

Tip 3) Summer jackets for kids and tweens

As kids get older they’ll want to be out longer, so a lightweight summer jacket is essential for kids. Our windfleece jacket is especially good for that easily changeable British summer weather.

4. Summer holiday kids clothes & swimwear


Children's skin is sensitive to the sun, especially in the beginning of the Summer. The best protection is to make sure they are not in the sun too long avoid being out between 12 and 3pm or to try to keep them in the shade as much as possible. There is also clothing available that can help.


Tip 1) UPF 50 swimwear

UPF50+ is the highest possible UPF rating in a fabric, it blocks 98% of the sun's rays, The higher the UPF, the denser the garment's fabric, which means that less UV radiation can reach the skin. It is not just for swimming, we recommend UV swim for any extended length of outdoor play in the summer!

Tip 2) UV Sunglasses

It is important to safeguard children’s eyes from the sun. UV light can cause lasting damage to your eyes so UV protective sunglasses are as crucial as sun cream in the Summer months. Cheap sunglasses can actually cause harm to eyes as they may have little to no UV protection! Our range of sunglasses for kids provide 100% UV protection and are a perfect way to complete your kid’s holiday clothes.

Children's summer holiday UV swimwear...

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5. Kids nightwear & Pyjamas 


Undisturbed sleep is the best sleep of all. For this reason we have made sure that our nightwear has extra soft seams that will not chafe, so that nothing will irritate the little one who has eventually dozed off. Our colourful range of kids summer pyjamas are perfect for these warm summer nights and an absolute essential for the best summer night's sleep. Check out our top picks from our summer nightwear collection:

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