With our newborn collection you can give your baby, or a loved one’s new arrival, the best, comfortable, stylish, and quality babywear!

Here are just some of our top details:

Our baby clothes maintains shape wash after wash. We use the best GOTS Organic Cotton as it is soft on baby’s skin all whilst supporting the sources of our cotton and the environment. Read more here >

Here at PO.P we use special Dye Lock Technology to keep whites white and colours bright and it allows you to wash prints and stripes in the same load without the risk of colour run. (But don't forget … always follow our care instructions!)


Hot wash All PO.P newborn clothes can take a very hot wash at 60c, designed to cope with all the thrills and spills of a new baby. The rest of the time, they'll wash up beautifully at an energy saving 30c. Read washing tips here >

Press studs at the side not at the back Nothing hard and uncomfortable between baby and bed

Extra soft inner seams Overlapped and flat throughout for superior comfort, no irritation on baby's skin


Clever tailoring Leg openings to the front offer a secure nappy fit and extra comfort for pre-walkers

Roll down cuffs on tops and trousers – So that the clothes grow with your baby!

Wraparound bodysuits Makes undressing easier especially when heads and necks are still unstable. Shop Bodysuits >

Our babygrows grow with your baby

All-in-one neck to toe openings To make changing easier for everyone. Shop All-In-Ones >

Stay-put socks High grip cuffs will challenge tiny foot rubbers and sock pullers everywhere! Shop Socks>

Fold-over mitts Versatile solutions on baby outerwear to keep the cold out and the heat in.

No buttons on the back– Important so that there is nothing hard and uncomfortable pressing against the child’s soft skin.

Extra soft seams– The fabric overlaps the seams to ensure there are no scratchy or chafing edges against the skin.

Bodysuits with wraparound solution– To make dressing and undressing easier when heads and necks are still unstable.

Wraparound cuffs on tops and trousers– To extend the usage time of the garments as children grow so quickly during this time.  

Overall with an opening along the inside of one leg– To make dressing and undressing easier.

Overalls and rompers with popper in the crotch– To make dressing and undressing easier during nappy changes.

Socks with extra high cuffs– Our turn-up socks have high cuffs for good grip, as we know that regular socks slip off small feet very easily.

Wind fleece overall– We do not use a windproof lining in the hood or on the front as the lung capacity of young babies is not yet fully developed and the area around their airways should be kept as free as possible.

Full length zip for extra comfort

Detachable hood for extra safety

Turn-up arm and leg cuffs– To protect hands and feet against the cold, you can fold down the cuffs over hands and feet.

Extra soft material– Children’s skin is sensitive, so we always try to use extra soft fabrics made from organic cotton and extra soft seams.

Washable at 60 degrees– Our garments can generally be washed at 60 degrees to ensure that bacteria is killed in the wash, but you can of course wash at lower temperatures too to be kinder to the environment.



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