Kinder to our planet.

We know that the environment is affected by all types of cotton cultivation. Therefore, our ambition is to always produce our clothes in the most sustainable way possible, but which still meets our high quality standards. 

Cotton is by far the most common material to make clothes in. It is a natural material with many fantastic properties; for example, it makes soft and comfortable garments that can withstand play and many washes. 

But, the cotton also has a downside. Cotton cultivation is generally very water-demanding and in conventional cultivation large quantities of chemicals are used for pesticides. This means that conventional cotton cultivation has a great negative impact, both on the environment and the farmers who work with the cotton too.

That's why we choose organic cotton

Cotton is the most common material in our clothing, 66% of our garments are made of cotton. The reason we choose cotton is that there is no other more durable material that meets our quality requirements, for example in terms of wear resistance. We always prioritize garments that can last a long time, longevity is key. Our goal is to have three children in each garment, at least. Research studies show that if you increase the practical life of a garment by factor 3, the climate impact is reduced by 65% ​​and the use of fresh water by 66%.

Better cultivation process

To reduce our impact on the environment and people, we have worked hard to increase the proportion of organic cotton in our range. As of spring 2020, 100% of the cotton in our range is organic. It means cotton grown without using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which provides a better cultivation process for both the environment and the farmers.

GOTS certified cotton

In addition to this, half of our organic cotton is GOTS certified, which is the highest organic certification on the market, which shows that the product is sustainable throughout the production process - from growing raw materials to finished garments. And for the smallest (0-1Y), 100% of the cotton is GOTS certified. But we are not content, we are working towards increasing our proportion of GOTS cotton with each collection.