What makes our outerwear so special?

We don’t mess around when it comes to outdoor play. Lightweight, flexible and extra durable in all the right places - because bad weather shouldn't stop outdoor play.

We are wet weather experts and have been for over 40 years. Our waterproof jackets are super hard wearing – so they look as good as new, with every single hand-me down.

Especially for kids

Children hop, jump, climb, roll and crawl in all weather so of course it is important their clothes are child friendly. Outerwear with curved sleeves and legs that give the child full mobility. Practical and hardwearing clothes that can be passed down.

Some of our clever features..

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Safe detachable hoods
  • Reflectors all round for visibility in the dark
  • Pre-bent arms and legs for extra mobility
  • Chinguards for comfort
  • Quality zips
  • Strong knees and elbows
  • No harmful chemicals (free from PFCs)
  • "Anti dirt" finish for easy cleaning


Water resistance is determined by “millimetre water columns” which measures how much pressure fabric can withstand before water starts to penetrate through. A garment is classed as waterproof if it can withstand at least 3,000mm. Much of our outerwear has a waterproof rating of over 10,000mm which means children will stay dry, even when sitting in puddles.



To ensure a garment is completely waterproof, the seams need to be taped. Otherwise drops of water can penetrate through the tiny holes in the fabric created by the sewing machine needle. In certain cases, only seams that are particularly exposed to dampness are taped.


Kids' winter clothes need to stand up to all kinds of play.

We vigorously test our outerwear using a Martindale machine. This is a tough method developed to test workwear. The machine taekes the fabric and rubs it hundreds of thousands of times against sandpaper to simulate a child sliding down rocks or wriggling across asphalt. The test is stopped when two threads in the fabric have snapped. The results are then measured in terms of how many rounds of abrasion it took. The higher the number, the more hard wearing the fabric. Some of our clothes have extra hard wearing materials on vulnerable areas such as the knees and backside.

Our outerwear garments have a durability of at least 5,000rpm/180grit/12kpa. Translation? Tough stuff! Made to withstand the rough & tumble of an active childhood and can be handed down time and time again.




For active children it is important that their outerwear releases heat.

The pores in our waterproof membrane are too small for water droplets to pass through, but are large enough for water vapour to escape. A fabric’s breathability is measured in how many grams of water vapour the fabric passes out per square metre in one day. The higher the value, the more breathable the fabric is. Most of our outerwear has a breathability rating of at least 5,000mm which is important for active kids but also the littlest ones too.

No more throwing their coat at you to hold, as they’ll stay comfortable in PO.P!




Windproof garments help to keep your child warm. Sometimes only the parts of the garment that are most exposed to the wind will be windproof, such as around the ears on a hat. And sometimes the whole garment’s main function is to be windproof, e.g. a windproof jacket. Windproofing is measured by sucking air through the garment in millimetres per second.

No plastic laminate to stop the wind, just the clever way the fabric is woven, means that breathability is not affected.



Perfluorinated substances are often used to waterproof textiles. Research shows that PFCs can be harmful, so instead we use a technology called Bionic-Finish® Eco. Inspired by nature, it repels water without the use of harmful chemicals, so it’s kind to skin and also kinder to the environment. It keeps your child dry whilst still being breathable and easy to wipe clean too.

This water repellent treatment prevents the fabric from absorbing water. Water simply pearls off rather than wets out the fabric. Without this treatment, the fabric would become wet, its breathability would be reduced and this surplus condensation would make your child feel cold and damp.




3 lightweight layers are great for kids with ever changing activity levels. We use the latest sustainable fabrics in new season colours to keep kids toasty without overheating.

Made of soft wool or silky polyester, keeps heat in and leads moisture away from the body.

A cosy middle layer of hi-tech fleece or wool keeps in the warmth and is great for kids who can suddenly get too hot.

Our outerwear is designed to withstand any weather. The fabrics are wind and waterproof, yet highly breathable.




Merino wool can be considered nature’s perfect insulator that keeps kids warm when the weather gets chilly and cool when it warms up. It’s worked for sheep for centuries! As an added bonus, Merino keeps its shape too.