Sun protection for little sun rays!

The sun is always a welcome sight after a dark and cold winter. Remember to take care since children's skin is especially sensitive to the sun, particularly in the beginning of the season when their skin is pale.

The best way to protect all of our little sun rays is to make sure they are not in the sun too long and to try to keep them in the shade as much as possible.

There is also clothing available that can help. 

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is a classification system used for clothing. UPF measures fabric density and shows how effectively it protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation (both UVA and UVB). The higher the UPF, the denser the garment's fabric, which means that less UV radiation can reach the skin.

What makes our UPF 50 swimwear so good?
Our UV garments have the highest and best UPF rating. They are UPF 50, which means that they give at least 98 per cent protection against UV rays, which is the highest possible in a fabric. This means that you can be in the sun 50 times longer than if you were not using any sun protection at all. 


Besides being wonderfully soft and comfy, our UPF swimwear has lots of other excellent qualities...



Designed with high neck & longer sleeves to maximise coverage allows kids to run free, keeping play the main focus of the day


Recycled materials
When you feel how soft our swimwear is, it’s hard to believe that they’re made from recycled fishing nets!

Copes with chlorine
The material is highly durable and chlorine resistant

Sun protection factor and oil resistant
Contact with sunscreen or oils will not damage our UV clothes

Excellent coverage
Maximum coverage – no risk of transparency

Durable and quick-drying material
The material is extremely durable and dries quickly too. But don’t worry, it’s still very soft!

Stays soft and smooth
Our material gets the best score in tests of pilling and abrasion resistance


Always use sunscreen as well





How to care for swimwear with UV protection

The lifetime of all swimwear is limited since sun, chlorine and salt water are all hard on the material and the colours.

How to care for swimwear to make it last longer

  • Always follow the washing instructions for the garment.
  • Avoid sitting on sharp or rough surfaces such as rocks, piers and pool edges since they can make the surface of the fabric rough.
  • Some sun oils can leave spots and reduce the stretchiness of the fabric. Always be careful when applying sunscreen and try to avoid getting it on clothing.
  • Carefully rinse chlorine and salt water out of swimwear to protect the colours.
  • Do not roll wet swimwear in towels or similar; rather, hang up the wet garments in the shade to dry.
  • Wash swimwear at a low temperature (max. 40°C) and hang it up in the shade to dry.
  • Never put swimwear in the dryer or iron it.
  • Fine granules of sand easily make their way into clothing at the beach – stretch the clothing and shake it thoroughly to remove the sand.