We’ve heard that many school sports days have been cancelled again this year. It’s the highlight of the year for many children. A home-made sports day is the perfect opportunity to keep the kids active and gather friends and family together for some organised fun, with virtually no costs involved. So here our favourite tips for keeping the spirit of sport alive in your own garden or in the park.

Get the kids to plan it with you.

  • Decide on the races and activities and make an event programme
  • If you want it to be competitive, map out the rules around each event and create a score sheet
  • Try and devise games where everyone, even the smallest, stands a chance of winning a prize
  • Be resourceful together and set up the ‘field’ using what you have, for example making the beanbags from sand and freezer bags
  • Invite some pals, including grown-ups. You could even decide on teams
  • If you’re isolating, then timed events can rev up the excitement too


Egg & Spoon Race or Obstacle CourseKid taking part in egg and spoon race for at home sports dayYou can of course hard boil the eggs but real, breakable eggs on real spoons add the risk factor that many children love.


Sack RaceKids having run during sack race at home sports dayPop your jumping beans into old pillow cases or bags for life. Binbags will do if that’s all you have but 100% supervision is required if using plastic bags.


Beanbag ThrowKid taking part in bean bag throwing for at home sports dayThis can be distance throwing or into a bucket. No beanbags? Use dry pulses or sand in a freezer bag with extra tape to secure the end.


RacesKids competing in sack race for at home sports dayRunning, hopping, three-legged, backwards walking, bear crawling, piggyback on a parent or wheelbarrow…who remembers those? They’ll all need a waist high finishing tape or you could even lay a hosepipe or bamboo cane down on the ground.


Long Jump

Mark out the jumping area with sticks or anything that comes to hand.


Awardschild celebrating winning an award during homemade sports day Re-use medals or awards you already have around the home. Craft medals from any ribbon, card and foil. Sweet treats and stickers are always well received too! Take photographs and make them feel special. If you’re feeling digitally creative, having somebody do real time and slo-mo videos of the activities and at the finish line can raise a few smiles and secure some memories of a few fun-filled hours, enjoy!