Item numbers: 60261943, 60261947, 60261950, 60261954, 60261958, 60261961, 60266224, 60266225, 60266226, 60266227 (this number can be found in the care label on the garment)
Sold between 1st Feb - 24th June 2015

These caps have a button on top of the hat, consisting of two components; a metal rivet and a textile-covered plastic button.

The reason for the recall is that on some of these caps, this button / rivet is easy to remove from the cap and can pose a potential choking hazard to young children and may also cause slight injury as the rivet is sharp.

If you have purchased the cap you can, by hand force, check if your cap is a risk product. To do this; try to remove the button by hand.

If the button/rivet is not removable by hand force the cap is not a risk product.

If you have a hat with a loose button, you can return it along with the button and rivet to the store where the product was purchased and obtain a replacement product. If you purchased your cap online, please see our returns page for details of how to return it.

If you want to keep the cap, please remove the button and rivet and toss them in the metal and plastic recycling.

Do not let your child play with the cap before you have verified that the button / rivet is completely fixed to the cap, or removed from the cap.

The safety requirements for Polarn O. Pyret's products are based on international standards, testing on our own and external laboratories, and long experience. We regret any inconvenience this recall may cause.


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