Clothes for kids - not mini adults

Clothes for children means:

    • quality clothes that withstand wear and tear during play
    • wash at stain and bacteria busting temperatures
    • prints and patterns that let children be children - not mini adults
    • tried and tested by thousands of little product developers since 1976

Not for girls. Not for boys. We make clothes for children.
It may seem obvious, but our belief that boys and girls have the same needs makes us fairly unique. We want to make the best clothes in the world for children. Who wears what – and in what colours – is up to you. This has been our reasoning since we started making children's clothing in 1976. It is a matter of not only colours, but perhaps more importantly – also fit.

Children's active lives mean that their clothes not only have to be safe, but also comfortable to move around in.

When you shop at Polarn O. Pyret, you can always be sure that we have done everything we could to create a safe and useful clothes for children.



    • detachable hoods that come off easily if it gets stuck on anything
    • baby clothes shouldn’t have windproof hoods - they need to breathe through the fabric if it falls on their face
    • the ends of cords can’t be wider than the cord itself – this reduces the risk of the end of the cord getting stuck in anything
    • outerwear with 360 degree reflectors around to ensure good visibility when it’s dark outside


    • super-soft inner seams that won’t chafe against soft baby skin
    • poppers on the shoulders so that they don’t press uncomfortably when the baby is lying on its back
    • waistbands of trousers need to be adjustable
    • pre-bent sleeves and legs on outerwear so that children can move freely
    • chin protectors on zips


    • these poppers also mean that clothes stay looking smart and aren't stretched out of shape
    • some clothes have extra-long cuffs so that children can grow into them

All of our clothes need to be machine washable