Celebrating 40 years!

In the beginning we were just called Pyret. Polarn was added later. As time went on, we felt like we wanted to be a pal to our customers — a pal that used great materials and production methods. We also had older siblings in mind as pals (Polarn) to younger tots (Pyret). Polarn and Pyret have been together ever since – for 40 years in fact!

40 år av lekfullhet | Polarn O. Pyret

When Polarn O. Pyret's basic garments were created it was with simple clothing that was attractively cut and made of good materials with stylistically pure patterns that could be mixed and matched. The idea was for the clothing to help balance the equation of everyday life. The garments were to be easy to inherit and the colours simple to coordinate. The clothing was to be easy to put on and to take off of children, and it should allow them to move about freely.

40 år av lekfullhet | Polarn O. Pyret

When Gunila Axén produced Polarn O. Pyret's very first collection with its own design, she put a great deal of emphasis on soft natural materials and gender-neutral colours. It is thus completely natural that the basic garments that we now call PO.P Originals come in red, blue and brown and are made of soft jersey – a material that encourages playing and is easy to care for. 

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