How to Build a Rocket

Three, two, one, lift off… no one can stop our autumn galaxy astronauts! Build your own rocket with the kids and then blast it off into orbit. Here are some step by step instructions to join in the PO.P fun! 


Drawing paper

Colouring pens/chalk




Drinking straw




1. Draw your rocket on one half of the paper

2. Fold the paper in half with your rocket on the outside.

3. Cut out the rocket from the folded paper so you now have two identical rockets

4. Cut out a strip of paper (approx 15 x 2.5 cm / 6 x 1 inch) from the fold in the middle.

5. Tape both sides of the strip but leave one end open

6. Insert a pen into the opening of the strip to hold its shape for the next step

7. Apply glue to the back of your coloured in rockets

8. Place the taped strip on one of the rockets leaving about 1 cm (½ inch) sticking out below the bottom edge

9. Glue the other rocket on top. Feed the straw into the opening and then blow your rocket into orbit!