Patch trousers

We want your clothes to last a long time. 

It makes sense to buy good quality clothes and look after them so they can be passed on from child to child over and over again. You save time and the money you’d have to spend on new clothes. Mend clothes if you can, and don’t wash them more than necessary. Outerwear can often be spot-washed with a damp cloth instead of machine washing. This also saves energy, water and detergent. 


Lappa byxor med Polarn O. PyretHow to patch trousers that need mending

You need: A pair of trousers that need mending, a repair patch in a suitable fabric, double-sided fusible interfacing (available from needlecraft or handicraft shops), iron, sewing needle and thread.

1. Draw the pattern you want the repair patch to be on the paper side of the double-sided interfacing and cut it out. The pattern for the patch should be about 2.5 cm larger all around than the hole you’re repairing. 


2. Place the fabric patch wrong side up and position the interfacing pattern with its plastic side against the wrong side of the fabric patch. Press with the iron (Heat: Medium-Hot, no steam) on the paper side of the interfacing so it sticks to the fabric patch – this takes about 30 seconds. 


3. Cut the fabric patch to the exact shape of the interfacing. 


4. Remove the paper from the interfacing and place the fabric patch the right way up over the hole in the trousers. Press the fabric patch with the iron (Heat: Medium-Hot, no steam) until it sticks to the trousers – this takes about one minute.


5. Hand stitch all the way around the edge of the fabric patch so it’s securely attached to the trousers. 


6. All done!