Sew on a button

Look after your clothes

There are many ways to look after children’s clothes so they last longer. A good tip is to sew any loose button back on before it falls off. New foot straps, buttons and repair patches are available for certain garments – just ask in your Polarn O. Pyret shop or our online customer service team. 


Sy i en knapp med Polarn O. PyretHow to sew on a button

You need: Button, sewing thread, sewing needle and a match. 


1. Mark the position of the button on the garment.

2. Use a suitable colour thread and cut a length of about 60cm. Thread the needle and tie the two ends together so the thread is double. 

3. With the button in position, push the needle through the back of the fabric and up through one of the holes in the button.

4. Place a match across the top of the button and then sew down through the next hole in the button and through to the back of the fabric so the match stays in place. Sew up and down through the two holes in the button and around the match three to four times. If the button has four holes, sew in the same way through the two other holes. 

5. Pull out the match and push the needle down through one of the holes in the button, so you have needle and thread between button and fabric; gently pull the button upwards. Wind the sewing thread around the threads under the button a few turns to form a ‘neck’ under the button. Take the needle and push it down through the ‘neck’ and out through the back of the fabric.

6. Fix the thread around the stitches on the back of the fabric and trim neatly.

7. All done!