Washing Tips

Some useful tips

Washing functional outerwear garments the right way ensures they last a long time. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind



Make sure you close all buttons, zips, buckles and Velcro© fastenings to avoid unnecessary friction on the different parts of the garment and the outer fabric.

Wash the garment inside out to reduce wear and tear on the outer fabric.

Wash the garment with similarly coloured items.

Always check the garment label and follow its washing programme and washing temperature instructions.

Never use fabric softener as it may cause the garment to lose its water-repellent ability.

Take the garment out of the washing machine as soon as the laundry cycle is finished. This is to avoid transferring non-fast colour to other areas of the garment.


Avoid tumble drying as this causes unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric. Air drying or close to a hot water radiator will give the best results.


Here are our top laundry tips to make life easier for you and our planet:

  • Spot clean whenever possible, especially on outerwear
  • Simply let muddy outerwear dry out on a hook now and then, who needs clean waterproofs for the park?
  • You can wash PO.P cotton at higher temps when you spy a stubborn stain, otherwise keep it low
  • Long, high quality cotton fibres release stains more easily and keep their shape after lots of washing – you get more wear and better value out of a garment
  • If you use non-bio then we do advise a bacteria busting 60C for baby clothes
  • Why not get the kids involved? Start early so chores like colour sorting or putting clothes away become routine
  • Find out what your water hardness is and use detergent according to that
  • Fabric softener isn’t great for the environment, or indeed for the long life of fabrics
  • If you tumble dry: remove, smooth and fold straight away to save on ironing

Wool can be aired out rather than washed so often because it has an inherent ability to repel dirt. This could however be counteracted by a toddler who inherently attracts dirt!