KAVAT shoe collection

Polarn O. Pyret and Kavat


Kavat's concept is about quality, design and durability. The ability of a product to keep over time. For Kavat, shoes are not only nice you wear on your feet but also the connection between you and our beautiful planet. And what can be better than shoes that are environmentally friendly and made with respect for nature and everything that lives here? 

Kavat has always followed the development of environmentally friendly components for the shoe industry, and always tries to choose the most environmentally friendly, although sometimes it costs a little more. In addition to working with organic leather, environmentally friendly SEBS rubber in our boots and environmentally certified cotton in our fabric shoes, we are also at the forefront of manufacturing shoes in partially recycled materials. 

Kavat is the world's leading manufacturer of ecolabelled shoes and we are proud to be in partnership with them!

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