Laundry School for Kids

Welcome to PO.P's laundry school for kids!

Show the kids how to separate colours, set the temperature, and add the detergent. Everything they’ll need to help with the washing and keep their lovely clothes looking bright and new!

Which colours?

Show your kids which colours to separate and why.

Solid colours can bleed when wet and discolour lighter clothes.

  • Wash white with white to keep them bright bright
  • Wash similar colours together (sort red, green, blue and yellow into separate piles to wash)
  • Multi-colour items should be washed with other multi-colour items (e.g. red and white striped items should be washed with other clothes with white details). If uncertain, let the lightest colour determine sorting

How much laundry?

Washing fully loaded machines of laundry is more environmentally friendly since it saves energy. A full load is when you can place your fist on top of the laundry in the machine. Putting too much laundry in the machine can damage both the machine and the clothing.

How much detergent?

It’s best to use just the right amount of laundry detergent as excess will rinse down the drain. Too much can also cause itching and allergic reactions since the machine cannot easily rinse it as well as altering the colour of the clothing.

ADVICE: Are you uncertain how much laundry detergent to use? Wait until the washing programme starts. If there’s a large amount of foam in the machine, you've used too much detergent. It’s okay to have a small amount of foam form.

AVOID fabric softener since it may contain substances that are hazardous to the environment and that are allergenic. Using fabric softener also wears on the fabric in the clothing and shortens its lifetime.

What temperature?

Do your kids know where to find the washing label? Show them how to sort the items based on the washing temperature indicated on the washing instructions. Remember, you can wash at a lower temperature than on the label and doing so is gentler on both the fabric and the environment.  Clothes that are the same colour but that have different washing temperatures can be washed together, but make sure the most sensitive governs the temperature.

Psst! Be sure to hang up the items to dry when the machine is finished to prevent discolouration. Do not leave them in the machine!

Dryers wash clothes quickly and completely. However, they also use a lot of energy. Allowing clothes to air dry is gentler on both the fabric and the environment.

If you use the dryer, fill it completely but be sure not to overload. Overloading the dryer will result in uneven drying and wrinkled clothes.

Remove the clothing from the dryer as soon as it stops.

Only dry clothes together that need the same amount of time to dry. Synthetics and cotton need very different drying times.

Grown-ups only! Select temperature according to the items instructions.

Only iron if necessary. You can avoid ironing by removing garments from the washing machine or dryer as soon as they are finished and/or drying them on a hanger.