Outerwear Functions



All PO.P Layer 3 garments are windproof. Keeping out cold wind and air is crucial to keeping kids warm in winter. Tests to force air through the fabrics of our kids coats, waterproofs, baby snowsuits and skiwear are measured in millimetres per second. To be classed as windproof the air must pass through slower than 5mm per second. If a higher value is measured, we do not rate it windproof.


Kids don’t always stay on two feet when playing. Their winter clothes need to stand up to all kinds of play so we stress test the fabrics using a Martindale machine. Our outerwear can withstand over 10,000 rubs on the machine meaning the garment will last not just for one child, but brothers, sisters and friends too. Some of our waterproofs also have extra durable patches at the seat, knees and ankles.


Good outerwear releases moisture from the body whilst retaining waterproofness. Kids' body temperatures can suddenly rise once they begin to play. The heat & moisture created should be wicked away to avoid feeling first too hot & then too cold once the skin cools. Breathability is measured by passing water vapour through fabric & collecting more than 3,000 grams in 24 hours


This shows how much pressure a fabric can handle before water leaks through. To test this we attach the fabric to the bottom of a pipe and begin to fill the pipe with water. When the water drips through the fabric you measure the height the water reaches within the pipe!

A garment is said to be waterproof if the pipe can be filled with 3 meters of water before leaking.

We know how tempting a puddle can be, that’s why most of our outerwear can withstand up to 10 meters of water!


For a garment to be entirely waterproof, all seams must be "taped" with waterproof material.

This stops the rain and snow from finding it's way through the tiniest of gaps! DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent. This is an invisible impregnation applied to the outer fabric to make the material waterproof.

DWR prevents the fabric from absorbing water, by getting the water to bead up and roll off the fabric.

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We often receive questions about how warm our coats and jackets are.

It’s a question that is quite impossible to measure in numbers because every child is different and their activity levels vary throughout the day!

We must always bear in mind that every child moves and plays differently and people do not feel the warmth or cold in exactly the same way, so we recommend the layers principle to offer flexibility.



In terms of different levels of heat retention you can look at coats like this:

1st is a coat without padding like our Shell Jacket.
2nd is a jacket with padding and a nylon lining.
3rd is a jacket with padding and a fleece lining.


Layering retains heat, leads moisture away from the body and keeps rain and snow at bay. Simply add or remove a layer when there is a change in weather or activity levels. Not just for skiing!

LAYER 1: BASE LAYER - Next to the skin
A warm merino wool or polyester layer traps in warm air but allows the body to breathe. The fibers transport moisture away therefore, preventing the body from cooling down, while cotton works just the opposite.

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LAYER 2: MIDDLE LAYER - Keeps the body warm
Hi-tech breathable fleece or wool releases moisture while retaining heat. If the garment doesn’t breathe, the body will quickly become damp and feel cold. The thickness of this garment may vary depending on the type of activity and how cold it is. 

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LAYER 3: OUTER LAYER - Protects against wind, rain and snow
The outer layer protects against wind, rain and snow. Its job is to keep you warm and dry in wet and windy cold weather whilst letting moisture out and preventing water from getting in. Children's outerwear should also be highly durable in order to handle games and adventure.

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Coats & Jackets

Our colourful fleece jackets, baby raincoats, school coats, quilted jackets and waterproofs for kids are made by Swedish childrenswear experts. Polarn O. Pyret is renowned for offering the best quality outerwear and waterproofs for children. Tested by children for children

Overalls & Outerwear Trousers

Our children's rain trousers, kids waterproofs, overalls and snowsuits have been tested in the most extreme weather conditions to withstand snow, rain and wind. Designed with outdoor play in mind our outerwear for children is extremely tough and durable. It also breathes meaning that active kids will stay comfy and avoid overheating



If you're looking for a kid’s raincoat that your child will love to wear, look no further than Polarn O. Pyret! Our range of childrens waterproofs featuring raincoats, waterproof trousers and wellies are practical, durable and allow outdoor play and walking to school in all weather!

Thermal Layers

Not just for skiing! Thermal base layers for kids are ideal for wearing underneath sports kit or any clothing in winter. A warm merino wool or polyester thermal layer traps in warm air but allows the body to breathe. Our range of merino wool tops, leggings, bodysuits and longjohns for babies and children are super soft and silky against the skin


Hats & Gloves

Our beanie hats and caps for babies and children match many other items in our kidswear collection and our hard wearing kids' snow gloves are incredibly warm and 100% waterproof. Look out for "magic" gloves and also sports gloves with anti-slip palms