Make a baby mobile

We’ve made a baby mobile using some cute characters from our newborn clothes collections. Give your creativity free reign when you choose the characters to hang on your mobile! 

Download our template with characters from our newborn collection

You’ll need: 

• String
• Scissors
• Glue
• Black pen
• Sticky tape
• White paper
• Printer (if you want to use our templates)
• White stickers or white paper for the eyes
• Sticks (The ones we used look like big ice cream sticks and they are available for purchase at craft shops)
• Thick paper, cardboard or craft foam (available for purchase at craft shops)

Try to hang equally sized figures on each side so that the mobile does not tilt


1. Print and cut out the figure templates
2. Stick the figures onto the paper, cardboard or craft foam using sticky tape. Then carefully cut around them
3. If you want eyes and/or mouths, either stick or draw them on. We used stickers
4. Make a hole in the top of the figures using a big needle
5. Glue the sticks together in the shape of an “X”
6. Attach some string to each figure
7. Attach the strings to opposite ends of each stick
8. Bring the pieces of string together into the centre of the mobile to hang it up as shown