Make a Fun Mask

Make your own party face mask!masks

We have created unique face masks. Not only can you wear exciting, colourful, fun clothes; you can also make a creative mask to go with it!

• Download the PDF mask templates
• Print the templates on to A4 paper
• Use crayons or pencils to colour in the mask
• Use scissors to cut around the shape of the mask adult supervision)
• Create 1 hole at each the sides of the mask (use a hole punch if you have one)
• Elastic rubber bands to attach the holes to the mask

Download Mask PDF 1
Download Mask PDF 2


Paper Tree Collection

Adhesive pads
Old newspapers, magazines or paper

1. Spread out the adhesive pads on to the clothes you are wearing
2. Tear some colourful paper from a magazine and crinkle it a little (or a lot!)
3. Press the paper on to the adhesive pads that are on your clothes





Yarn, wool, ribbon, thick string
Thread and needle
Head band

1. Scrunch different yarns into a tangled lump
2. Wrap or sew the material on to the head band to make the wig!




A moderately large cardboard box – large enough to cover your child’s torso
Colourful / yellow paper or yellow paint
An envelope
Adhesive / strong tape

1. Cut holes for arms and head in to the box
2. Paint the box completely yellow or wrap it in yellow paper and write the word "POST BOX" on the front
3. Build a small flap of hard paper / cardboard, paste, then secure the front of the mailbox
4. Write the address and paint a stamp on to the envelope
5. Cut off one corner of the envelope and glue it to the inside of the lid


Race Track

Plain coloured clothing like gray or black
Paper, paint and pens to make the cars or matchboxes to make 3D cars
Adhesive pads

1. Start with making the cars. Either draw cars on to some white paper and cut them out or you can make three-dimensional cars using small cartons such as matchboxes, juice boxes or similar
2. To create the center line for the road cut strips of white paper
3. Put on your clothes
4. Paste the white small pieces along the legs and up the shirt
5. Glue the cars on the road with adhesive pads



Soccer ball

A large white t-shirt
Strong tape
Black paper / fabric
Glue / adhesive pads

1. Cut out the black paper shapes? Glue them on to an old white t-shirt. If you don’t want to damage the white t-shirt you can use adhesive pads instead, as they can be removed




My parent’s socks
Toilet Paper
Make-up / face paint

1. Fill out the socks and the legs of the stump pants with toilet paper
2. Turn on the pantyhose on his head and socks on your feet
3. Paint a nose using black facepaint