Designer Corner - With Pernilla

Hi Pernilla,

We're all curious to find out more about you and the work you do as a collection designer at Polarn O. Pyret.

Could you tell us a bit about what you did before joining the company and what you do today?

I'm Pernilla Forsman and I am a collection designer at Polarn O. Pyret. Previously I was a freelance designer mainly working with womenswear. I now find myself in the world of children's clothing, which has always been a dream job for me, and I love it! I joined Polarn O. Pyret in autumn 2007.

Can you describe a typical day for you?

There is no such thing as a typical day for me as every day is different from the moment I pour my first cup of coffee until the time I head home. We work in an open plan office so we bounce ideas off each other and discuss things throughout the day. It is an incredibly creative and stimulating place to work. Having said that, you rarely get a chance to work undisturbed the whole day, so when I need to, I take a break away from the office. 

From where and how do you get your inspiration?

When I in the creative process, I need to see new things and become inspired. You can't just sit there on your office chair and think, OK, I am now going to have a fantastic idea. When I come outside, I can be inspired by anything at all, something I see in the street or out in nature. My creativity is never switched off and in principle, I get new ideas all the time. You can get a sense of something that sparks an idea – imagine seeing something and then seeing something else and your brain somehow connects the two. This is something like the way it works and it is fantastic every time it happens.

Do you look for help from anything or anyone else when new collections need to be created?

The people I work with, obviously, plus my kids who are an amazing source of inspiration. They are great at saying if something is good or bad, of coming up with something you might not have thought of yourself. I usually take sketches and clothes home with me for the kids to try on and then they tell me straight off what they think, thumbs up, or thumbs down. 

What is your greatest challenge as a collection designer?

Always having to be creative, without losing sight of the unifying theme of each collection.

Why work for PO.P?

For me, there has always been a reason why I have worked for a specific company. Both when it comes to the philosophy behind the brand and also with regard to the products, that the fabrics, colours and designs are carefully chosen and of high quality. As a designer, I need to be able to stand up and be counted when it comes to the products I design which is something I totally can do with Polarn O. Pyret's childrenswear. They are always high quality and can be passed on from big sister to little brother, the clothes last for years and years, which I think is great. When we design our clothing, we think carefully about every single detail, every detail in an item of clothing is there for a reason. As a collection designer, I am a proud and delighted emissary for Polarn O. Pyret's childrenswear.