Organic cotton

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Our ECO symbol shows our range of kids clothes that are designed and manufactured with extra consideration to the environment, specifically in relation to the use of chemicals and water footprint. We offer a range of organic kidswear from newborn babygrows and all-in-ones to leggings and hats; that are not only good for the planet but are comfortable to wear and long lasting too.

ECO label products are made from materials with a lower environmental impact, such as organically grown cotton, recycled synthetic fibers and the entire production chain is certified by an independent Global textile organisation called GOTS.



  • Kids clothes made from Organic cotton do not use fertilisers or pesticides in the production process so it is better for farmers, consumers and also the planet.
  • It offers a healthy and sustainable farming future and water pollution is reduced by 98% compared to non-organic cotton clothes production.
  • Organic cotton is not only better for our environment, it is also kinder to the wearer because residues of toxins are not passed through to the skin.



  • The materials in these products are made from recycled fibers from PET bottles or textile waste.
  • These clothes include fleece jackets made of polyester, a material manufactured from a plastic called Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
  • Choosing our ECO fleece tops instead means you are helping to reduce the use of oil and the environmental impact related to the production of new synthetic fibers.



  • The materials in these products are made from recycled fibers from fishing nets and textile waste.
  • Several of our shell jackets and trousers contain recycled polyamide.



  • By producing high quality clothing made to withstand wear and tear, PO.P clothes last longer and can be used by as many kids as possible.
  • This reduces waste in landfills and lowers pollution caused by the production process.
  • Don’t throw it away, hand it down the next day!