For us, ECO stands for the Environmentally Conscious Option.

Our ECO symbol shows products that are designed and manufactured with extra consideration to the environment with over 30% of our collection being made from organic cotton.

We also strongly believe in quality clothes that are made to last and be handed down and used by as many children as posible


Organic Cotton Kids Clothes
Organic Kid Clothes
Organic Kid Clothes
Organic Kid Clothes


ECO label products are made from materials with a lower environmental impact, such as organically grown cotton, recycled synthetic fibers...

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Why PO.P

Say it!

  • Polarn O. Pyret… “Pole Arn Oh Pier Et”
  • It means “Buddy and the Little One” in Swedish
  • You can call us “PO.P” for short!

A brief history

  • "Polarn" was founded in Sweden in 1939
  • Became Polarn O. Pyret in 1976
  • Now has 17 stores and concessions across the UK & Ireland

Brand Values

  • Clothes for kids not mini adults
  • Gender neutral prints and colours
  • Clothes that are easy to care for
  • Eco friendly - over 30% of our collection is made from organic cotton or recycled materials
  • Quality clothes that can be worn by as many kids as possible - true value