Outerwear Details


Our range of outerwear is designed with warmth and comfort in mind. We believe that children should be able to play outdoors in any weather and we design children’s coats, jackets, snowsuits, waterproof trousers, hats and gloves accordingly. if you want to make the world’s best childrenswear, you have to set the bar high, so we test every single detail in our products and how they perform.

We develop smart solutions designed to protect children from most potential hazards that can occur when they dig tunnels, build dens and climb trees.Every tiny detail is important, such as all hoods from size 12 months and above are detachable and therefore quick releasing if they get caught on a tree.


Children hop, jump, climb, roll and crawl in all weather so of course it is important their clothes are child friendly. Outerwear with curved sleeves and legs that give the child full mobility. Practical and hardwearing clothes that can be passed down. We have a broad and versatile range with coats, jackets, pants and snowsuits that wick away moisture and keep snow and rain out to ensure the child is warm and dry in all weather.



Some things are hard to measure in a laboratory. Such as how to keep a three year old’s behind warm and dry during a happy 15 minutes in a puddle. Or how much hot chocolate you can spill down a windproof fleece jacket without it soaking through to the skin.

Children from three preschools tested this season's outerwear and told us exactly what worked and what didn't. And they were ruthless. We only sell those products they approved, nothing else. 

We found out how to keep a three year old warm and dry during 15 minutes in a puddle or how much hot chocolate you can spill down a windproof Fleece Jacket without it soaking through to the skin!

These minor details are what make the difference which is why we worked with real pros!

 We Believe in Layers!

Layering retains heat, leads moisture away from the body and keeps rain and snow at bay. Add or remove a layer when there is a change in weather or activity levels

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Made of soft merino wool or polyester keeps heat in and leads moisture away from the body. When it gets cold a base layer of polyester or wool are nice and warm. The fibers transport moisture keeping the body from cooling down, while cotton works just the opposite. Combine with Layer 2 and 3 during colder days, or use every day as pre-school indoor clothing.

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Of hi-tech breathable fleece or wool keeps in the warmth and is great for kids who can suddenly get too hot. A good mid layer releases moisture and retains heat. If the garment is not breathing the body can quickly turn cold. Fleece and wool terry are pliable materials that are suitable for outdoor games, combine with layers 1 and 3 when the temperature drops.

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Should withstand any weather. Our coat fabrics are wind and waterproof, yet highly breathable. Children's outerwear should also be highly durable in order to handle games and adventure. Our padded jackets and overalls hold heat well even with regular clothes underneath, combine with layers 1 and 2 when the temperature is sinking.