PO.P and Helpforce

We have teamed up with Helpforce, to support families who have children in hospital, kids who are in social care and also kids in disadvantaged communities. Social care has been hit hard by the virus and in turn, some community services aren't running (Government guidelines) so, access to clothing and other items is becoming increasingly difficult.

The clothes we have sent will help parents to focus on looking after their sick children in hospital instead of worrying about clothes, and also give clothes to children who are in desperate need.

The people we have helped so far:

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Bristol Children's Hospital & Special Care Baby Unit. 
As you are probably aware, COVID-19 cases are not as common in babies and children, but children are still being admitted into the hospital for lifesaving treatment and care. 
With the lockdown across the country, families are finding it difficult to access clothes, and they are often transported to the hospital unexpectedly, therefore these items are a huge help at an incredibly stressful time for them, allowing them to focus on looking after their sick baby or child. The clothing will be used for children on the wards as visitors are not allowed access.

Newcastle Community project - a brief outline of who this project helps:

Mothers to Mothers - A scheme that supports mums and mums-to-be who are vulnerable. These ladies are typically survivors of domestic abuse or victims of human trafficking. We have provided clothing for babies up to 6 months old.

Changing Lives - clothing children who are at risk of homelessness or escaping domestic abuse. Many of the people using this service, only have what they are stood up in.

Byker Community Hub - Supporting vulnerable families in the East End, many are NRPF or struggling on Universal Credit. This is a very transient area with families often moved here from other parts of the country with very few of their belongings.

Meadow Well - working closely with community workers who support families on the estate. Many are struggling on Universal Credit.

Helpforce Assist, is a vital new service from small volunteering charity Helpforce, who are helping hospitals as they face unprecedented challenges. They are matching the needs of NHS Trusts and local communities, with support from generous organisations.  They have already matched a range of initiatives including care packages to staff in need of a change of clothes, free hotel rooms near hospitals, free counselling for NHS staff, free meals provided by restaurants, and more. 

To find out more go to www.helpforce.community