Our Ethos

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Brand Values

  • Ensure kids can play outdoors in any possible weather with our hi tech breathable outerwear
  • We make life easier for families with easy to care for solutions
  • We consider the environment. Over 30% of our collection is made from organic cotton or recycled materials
  • Quality clothes that can be worn by as many kids as possible - true value

Clothes made for play

  • We know that children love dressing up
  • But most of all they cherish the freedom to play in clothes they can forget they’re wearing
  • So we make trousers that are always comfortable – in the park or at the party
  • Clothes that keep children warm, dry or cool, that aren’t tight or restrictive, and fit really well
  • Simply put, we try to make the best and most comfortable clothes with functional fabrics and the most ingenious solutions

The Earth is a hand-me-down,  just like our clothes

  • We’ve always made clothes that are meant to be handed down – from sister to brother or neighbour to neighbour
  • That’s why we began with classic stripes in blue and red. Two colours that appeal to both girls and boys
  • Our clothes are made from cotton that can withstand repeated washing without losing its shape or shrinking
  • In Sweden, Polarn O. Pyret is the second-hand market’s best-selling clothing label


  • Our aim is to make our production better for the environment
  • Each year we are pleased to be able to ECO-label more of our garments
  • Look for our ECO label if you want to buy organic clothing
  • On ECO tags you can find information on why we have ECO-labelled these clothes

The enduring appeal of stripes

  • Polarn O. Pyret came into existence in Sweden in 1976 at a time of liberation and equality
  • To make life easier for working mums and dads, we began to make easy-care cotton clothes for children
  • Our very first red and blue stripes are still best sellers - our stripes will never fade

Sleep more comfortably

  • Many little differences add up to one big difference
  • Take the seams, for instance. They can hardly be seen or felt, and they won’t chafe a child’s delicate skin
  • This is because we overlap the fabric and sew a flat seam
  • This helps babies to sleep more comfortably and every parent knows what a blessing that can be. So mum and dad get a good night’s sleep too