UPF 50 Swimwear

We know how important it is that your little rays of sunshine stay well protected against the elements; that is why we have a range of UPF50 Swimwear specifically to protect kids from those harmful UV rays.

Whether your kids are splashing about in water or simply playing in the garden, don’t let the weather stop play or adventure!

What is UPF 50?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and it is a rating system for clothes. UPF measures the density of fabrics and indicates how effectively they protect skin from ultraviolet radiation (both UVA and UVB). The higher the UPF, the more densely woven the fabric and the fewer the UV rays that reach the skin.

Fabric that allows less than 2% UV radiation to pass through is labelled UPF 50.

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PO.P Facts! Our UPF 50 swimwear for kids:

  • provides 98% protection from the sun’s rays
  • has the highest level of protection available in a fabric
  • designed with high neck & longer sleeves to maximise coverage
  • more reliable than sunscreen when kids are in and out of the water all day
  • quicker, easier and safer than trying to cover you kids in sunscreen

The UPF 50 labelling on Polarn O. Pyret’s sun protection clothes means that UV radiation is reduced and only one fiftieth of UV rays pass through the garment. This means that you can spend about 50 times longer in the sun than if you didn’t have any sun protection at all. 

Our UPF 50 swimwear collection is chemical free in order to increase the sun protection factor – the density of the fabric means it only allows a fraction of the sun’s UV rays through and this gives it a high protection factor whilst remaining breathable. Every season we test all sun protection garments and sun protection hats to confirm their UPF. Our UV Sunhat range is specially treated to help protect and guard kids against those harmful UV rays. 

Remember to always use a high factor sunscreen on exposed skin, and wear a hat! 

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