Toasty Toes

Cosy toes

We all know how miserable it is when your feet are cold, and cold feet chill your entire body.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your toes warm and dry:

  • Wear wool or wool terry socks closest to the skin. Cotton absorbs moisture and doesn’t warm at all the way wool does.
  • Make sure shoes are roomy. This will not only give you space for an extra sock or sole, but also ensure that there is a layer of air around the foot that functions as insulation against cold.
  • If your child’s feet get wet – change to dry socks.
  • Use water-resistant shoes or boots if it’s wet outside.
  • If it’s really cold, you can put insulated soles in the boots – just make sure the feet aren’t too crowded once the sole is in place.

 Wool or cotton – test it out!

An easy way to test effectiveness: put a cotton sock on one foot and wool sock on the other, take a walk on a winter day and feel the difference!