Kids Camping

Children love an overnight adventure, especially in the great outdoors and what better time to camp than in the summer time. Whether it is on holiday or simply in the garden, we believe that it should be easier to keep them warm, dry and happy in changeable weather than putting the tent up. Here are our top PO.P picks!

Top tips from happy campers at PO.P HQ:

  • Create coat hanging section using Mitt Clips near the door
  • Head-torches are ideal for reading an adventure book at bedtime
  • Fleece layers and wool socks are ideal for chilly evenings, even to sleep in
  • On busy campsites take the time to make sure older children know their way around, make an orienteering game using the campsite map
  • Pegs are useful for drying swimwear on the guy-lines
  • Fling on a fleece or shell jacket with reflectives when running around at night time
  • Hats, socks and fleeces should go on as soon as the sun goes down - then you can stay up warmly much later

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