Travel Tips - With Kids - Part 2

Travelling with children - finally there!

Polarn O. Pyret marketing director, Petra, describes her family's Christmas trip to Malaysian Borneo. She shares some tips and tricks on what to think about before, during and after a trip. 

There at last! The sun is shining and the water is glittering. 

A long flight, new environment, new food and plenty of swimming have a tendency to affect us all, not least children. Both my kids suffered a bout of tourist tummy, with vomiting, diarrhoea and fever, over 40 degrees actually. We were on an island two hours from the nearest town and nowhere near healthcare at the time. Stressful obviously, but the worst of the fever passed after about 24 hours and after about 4 days, they were back on their feet again.  

Travel with children | Polarn O. Pyret

Advice if children fall ill during the trip:

  • Contact your travel insurance company before you go to check what you should do if someone falls ill.

  • Always take a travel first aid kit with fever medicine, thermometer, rehydration treatments, insect bite and sting relief, nasal spray, skin ointment. Other things that can be worth taking include plasters, things for simpler dressings such as compression bandages, wound wipes and microtape, tweezers, scissors. We needed all of the above during our trip.

The food in other countries is often exciting but can also be a bit strange and different to our eyes. I think that you experience a country largely through food and try to persuade my children to try as much as possible. But naturally, there are limits - congee with duck eggs was a step too far for all of us, as was dried and shredded octopus and chicken congee. You have to accept that eating pasta carbonara three evenings in a row is not the end of the world.

Travel with children | Polarn O. Pyret