Washing Tips, Upcycling Ideas + More


Having kids automatically means having a lot of laundry. So we’ve put together some useful washing and drying tips to make sure that your clothes have a long lifespan and keep your environmental footprint as small as possible.

Click here to see our full guide on washing everything from our cottons to woolens, jeans and outerwear. This will ensure the longevity of your favourite PO.P pieces so they can be passed on and loved all over again. 

Did you know that...

Your clothes may become discoloured if you leave them in the washing machine after the wash cycle has ended? When damp garments are left lying together, colour may run from coloured garments on to the others. This is why you should try to hang your clothes up to dry as soon as the wash cycle has ended.

Did you know that…

Each pair of jeans is unique? All jeans have a unique colour finish as the dye coats the yarns of the fabric differently. And jeans with wash effects get these from being rubbed with sandpaper by hand.