Making life easier

What does a stressed parent need anyway?

Clothing that loses its shape after a few washes never made anybody happy! That’s something Gunila Axén realized when she and Katarina af Klintberg created Polarn O. Pyret’s first collection in the 1970s. And it still holds true – now more than ever.

In a catalogue from 1976, Gunila wrote:

“Laziness is the mother of invention. That could actually be a motto for Mickey* clothing. It’s to save time and money for myself that I chose to work with them and make them this durable and easy to care for, so that there’d be lots of time left for other nice things. Being with my kids, for example.”

Right from the start, the idea was to make everyday life easier for the professional woman. Working mums who would now have time for both children and a career.  She needed easy-care clothes that were functional. Gunila, herself a mother of three, had a lot of ideas about how to make life easier through a more rational way of thinking about children’s (and adults’) clothing.

In 1973, the creation of Polarn O. Pyret’s basic wardrobe for children began. In 1974 it was presented to the public with widespread appeal, and in 1975, the original stripe that is still one of our most popular items was launched.

Our stripe now pops up everywhere, and there is no doubt that stripes is a pattern that works for everyone.

*In the 1970's, there was a little Mickey Mouse decal sewn on Polarn O. Pyret’s clothing to appeal to kids. Mickey Mouse was the choice because he was the nice guy. Today, Mickey Mouse has been replaced by our own iconic symbol.