Merino Wool: Nature’s Super Material

Merino wool can be considered nature’s perfect insulator. When used for kids clothes it keeps kids warm when the weather gets chilly, yet cool when it warms up! If you need proof it’s worked on sheep for centuries!

It’s not just for mountain climbers and hikers, but perfect for creating kids thermals for your active little ones in Winter. This is because it regulates body temperature and wicks away cold moisture. It keeps their body temperature at a suitable level allowing them to continue to play.

What's more, merino wool is also naturally self-cleaning! So you won’t need to wash kids clothes made from this type of wool as frequently, and you’ll often find that simply airing them does the trick.

Why Choose Wool Merino Clothing ?

There are many reasons to choose merino wool for your little ones clothing. Our kids thermals are made of merino due its extensive list of qualites.

  • Retains heat
  • Releases moisture
  • Non itchy
  • 100% Natural material
  • PO.P wool is Mulesing free
  • Machine washable
  • Maintains shape
  • Quick drying

Is Merino Wool Itchy Like My Grandmother’s Jumpers?

While we love to hear that grandmother is knitting your kids’ sweaters, as they can be such cherished pieces, Merino wool is not the same and is not itchy at all. It is one of the finest, softest wools available.

If we could, we’d let you feel through your device to see for yourself.

When Would My Child Need Merino Wool?

While Merino kids socks and wool hats are great for all children, we find that many customers buy Merino wool tops and leggings for outdoor activities, camping, hiking, biking, sports and skiing. This to help control body temp when the outside temperature fluctuates.

As an added bonus, our merino kids thermals can double as lounge wear for after the outdoor fun.

Ethical Kids Clothes - Always Mulesing-Free

We want all animals to be well-treated and don't see why any animal should have to suffer in order for us to make our clothes. This is why we have a zero tolerance for mulesing and we only purchase responsible wool from countries with no mulesing. We always require a certificate to show that mulesing has not been part of the merino wool production.

Eco-friendly - Superwash

Our merino wool items are "Superwash" treated. This is a patented process that makes the wool machine-washable without causing it to "felt". The wool fibres are given an acid bath to remove their scales (which would otherwise cause the wool to felt in the washing machine). This means there is no need to add any plastic during the treatment, which is necessary with other anti-felting methods.

When temperatures start to drop thermals for kids are the ideal solution to ensure that they remain warm. A base layer made from merino wool helps to lock in warmth between the skin and the thermal layer, a good kids thermal should help to keep moisture away from the skin, and our merino wool is the perfect solution for this.

Polarn O. Pyret's kids thermals not only help to retain heat, but also release moisture. The presence of moisture between the skin and base layer will amplify the feeling of cold, something that merino wool protects against. Extra comfortable, the inside of our merino kids thermals have been extensively tested to ensure that they don't cause itches for your little one, this meaning that they can be worn for extended periods of play or rest.

Our kids thermals have the added benefit of being machine washable, maintaining their shape wash after wash, alongside being quick drying which allows them to be worn and enjoyed time and time again.



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