The Perfect Overall Fit

The winter season is approaching and children will need new outerwear. Isn't it tempting to buy something that the child can grow into? Perhaps even an overall that will last for two seasons? For an overall's functions to work best the fit needs to be right from the start.

Choosing the right overall size for your child

Your child's height is the most important factor when choosing size – measure them at home or at one of our stores where there is always a measuring stick available. If your kid is between two sizes, it is best to choose the larger size.

Don't hesitate to ask a member of the PO.P team for help. Our store staff can quickly tell you which size is right based on the height of your child.

If your child isn't with you, you can easily have him or her try on the overall at home and then exchange it for a different size..

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Try Polarn O. Pyret's playful test

We want children to be happy and playful in all kinds of weather and that requires clothes that can accommodate play. Have your child help you find the right fit with our playful test. Can they move about freely? What about a somersault and hop? One good control measure is for an adult to be able to grab free fabric at the crotch when the child is standing straight up.



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