We believe children should be able to play outdoors in any weather and we design children’s coats, jackets, snowsuits, waterproof trousers, hats and gloves accordingly.

If you want to make the world’s best childrenswear, you have to set the bar high, so we test every single detail in our products and how they perform.

the best quality kids outerwear


We develop smart solutions designed to protect children from most potential hazards that can occur when they dig tunnels, build dens and climb trees. Every tiny detail is important, such as all hoods from size 12 months and above are detachable and therefore quick releasing if they get caught on a tree. Read more...


Children hop, jump, climb, roll and crawl in all weather so of course it is important their clothes are child friendly.

Outerwear with curved sleeves and legs that give the child full mobility. Practical and hardwearing clothes that can be passed down.

Kids coats jackets winter overalls rainwear wellies


Enjoy Scandinavian functional design at its best.

With our ingenious press stud solution you can convert two thinner jackets into one thicker one. Making life easier and offering lots of flexibility.

Connect our Wind and Waterproof Shell Coat to our Windproof Fleece Jacket for the perfect all year round solution, ready to combat any weather!

  1. Fleece ready for wild wind and sudden showers
  2. Shell Jacket for rain and dropping temperatures
  3. Connect them together for a cosy Winter coat

Investing in one solid weatherproof coat solution will keep active children happy, warm and dry all year round, and then some.

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Quality durable kids coats
Quality kids coats and jackets


Some things are hard to measure in a laboratory. Such as how to keep a three year old’s behind warm and dry during a happy 15 minutes in a puddle. Or how much hot chocolate you can spill down a windproof fleece jacket without it soaking through to the skin.

Children from three preschools tested this season's outerwear and told us exactly what worked and what didn't. And they were ruthless. We only sell those products they approved, nothing else.

We found out how to keep a three year old warm and dry during 15 minutes in a puddle or how much hot chocolate you can spill down a windproof Fleece Jacket without it soaking through to the skin!

These minor details are what make the difference. Which is why we worked with real pros.


We Believe in Layers!

Layering retains heat, leads moisture away from the body and keeps rain and snow at bay. Add or remove a layer when there is a change in weather or activity levels.


Merino wool or polyester base layers will lock in warmth next to the skin much better than cotton ever will. Good thermal layers should lead cold moisture away from the skin, and wool and polyester do the job perfectly.  Look out for our kids thermals designed to look like everyday clothing, not just underwear, so they can do a good job inside and out this winter.

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thermal layers for kids


Made of hi-tech breathable fleece or wool, they retain heat yet release moisture. If the garment is not breathing, or wicking away moisture the body can quickly turn cold.

Fleece and wool terry are ideal fabrics and they are easy to care for too. Wear with layers 1 and 3 when the temperature drops below 5C.

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Children's outerwear should be highly durable and withstand any possible weather in order to handle outdoor play & adventure. Our Outer Layer fabrics are wind & waterproof, yet highly breathable. They hold in heat whilst feeling light and airy. Wear with layers 1 and 2 when temperatures drop below freezing for the best protection against the cold.

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Merino wool can be considered nature’s perfect insulator that keeps kids warm when the weather gets chilly and cool when it warms up. It’s worked for sheep for centuries! As an added bonus, Merino keeps its shape too.

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Regulates Body Temperature

Merino is not just for luxury or hikers, even athletes are turning to Merino because it regulates body temperature & wicks away moisture

kids merino thermal layers

Super Soft

Merino wool is not the same as other wool - it is not itchy at all. Merino is one of the finest, softest wools available. If we could, we’d let you feel through the computer to see for yourself

kids merino thermal layers

Active Kids

We find many of our customers use Merimo layers for outdoor activities—camping, hiking, biking, running, sports, skiing. Perfect for active kids or when the outside temperature fluctuates


Coats & Jackets

Our colourful fleece jackets, baby raincoats, school coats, quilted jackets and waterproofs for kids are made by Swedish childrenswear experts. Polarn O. Pyret is renowned for offering the best quality outerwear and waterproofs for children. Tested by children for children.

Overalls & Outerwear Trousers

Our children's rain trousers, kids waterproofs, overalls and snowsuits have been tested in the most extreme weather conditions to withstand snow, rain and wind. Designed with outdoor play in mind our outerwear for children is extremely tough and durable. It also breathes meaning that active kids will stay comfy and avoid overheating.



If you're looking for a kid’s raincoat that your child will love to wear, look no further than Polarn O. Pyret! Our range of childrens waterproofs featuring raincoats, waterproof trousers and wellies are practical, durable and allow outdoor play and walking to school in all weather!

Thermal Layers

Not just for skiing! Thermal base layers for kids are ideal for wearing underneath sports kit or any clothing in winter. A warm merino wool or polyester thermal layer traps in warm air but allows the body to breathe. Our range of merino wool tops, leggings, bodysuits and longjohns for babies and children are super soft and silky against the skin.